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Knowsley’s 37 Signals Regiment, based at Alamein Army Reserve Centre, Liverpool Road, Huyton holds a fascinating collection of trophies, military equipment, uniforms, and ephemera. The building was opened in 1956 by Lord Derby, originally the home of the Royal Tank Regiment, and is a central part of Knowsley’s military past, present and future. Its walls are lined with regimental boards listing commanding officers from various battalions across the north west throughout the twentieth century, many of which are now no more. Major Robert Dobson has amassed items from various barracks, many of which feature the names of local servicemen and women. A database of the trophies and plaques including the inscriptions is available to view here.


Baracks Database

To search the database for names, squadrons or battalions, please bear in mind to keep the search terms vague – for instance, if you are looking for someone named Captain John Smith, just search for Smith. The inscriptions on the items in the collection have been transcribed faithfully, and they take many forms, so it may be that if Captain John Smith is listed on an item he may be marked as Cpt J Smith, Capt John Smith, even Smith J – it is always possible he may be listed as a different rank as his career progressed.

Again, the names of battalions are listed in different ways (often due to space on the plaques etc.) so for instance the East Lancashire Divisional Signals (TA) may be listed East Lancs Div Sig so it is best to search for Lanc and this will bring up both options. Also use Ches for Cheshire – searching for parts of words will bring up more options, but it means you are less likely to miss what you are looking for.

Click Ctrl + F. This will bring up a window in the top right hand corner of the page with left and right arrows next to it. If you type your search term in the box (there is no need to use speech marks) and click the right arrow, this will make the page jump to the relevant section with the search term highlighted on the page. If you keep clicking the right arrow it will take you to each use of the search term throughout the whole document. You can use the left arrow to go to the previous result. It may be that there are no mentions of your search term – you could try an alternate spelling, or it may be that there is nothing in the collection relating to your chosen person/squadron.

If you wish to view any of these items, contact Major Bob Dobson, details below.

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To view the collection, please contact:

Major Robert Dobson MBE 

37 Signals Regiment
Alamein Army Reserve Centre
Liverpool Road
Huyton, Liverpool
L36 3RW (open map)
t: 0151 481 4931

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